Haul from itokri.com

A haul of handcrafted Indian products from iTokri.com  

You can find diverse Indian handicrafts for all your needs, be it clothing, décor or personal care, at iTokri.com. And you also encourage local self help groups to flourish

Searching for some chemical-free, natural personal care products, I discovered this site. It has a vast range of crafts and celebrates creativity of rural and urban artisans. It’s an unusual art store from India where you can explore different fabrics, handmade toys, handcrafted beauty products such as soaps and shampoos, metal crafts and the radiance of Indian colours and diversity. 

It is designed as a ‘community website’ where you browse through ancient arts and crafts, see vibrant stories, hear the narratives and documentaries, and more. The aim is to ‘develop a creative and sustainable model for craftspeople’. This is a #vocalforlocal movement that encourages the use of environment-friendly products and develops a market for those who live in rural areas with little access to developed markets, thereby assuring sustainable livelihood.

Click on the drop down menu to explore the categories. There are listings for home décor, fabrics, saris, dupattas and stoles, home & kitchen, clothing, jewellery & accessories, folk art paintings and more.   

Within each major category is a sub-category, so I searched for soaps, bath washes, oils in Home category, as I needed cruelty-free personal care products with the goodness of natural herbs and natural fragrance. And I found some good ones. The pricing too was within my budget.

I opted for products by Neev, Bihra and Sri Aurobindo Ashram. As I have been to their ashram in Puducherry, I was very happy to find their products listed here. Neev employs 50 women in Jharkhand and assures absolutely natural products with no harm to the environment. Bihra is run by a women’s self help group in Raipur and assures 100% natural products. All the personal care products have herbs and essential oils that keep the skin rejuvenated and the body fresh.

We got soaps, body washes, face wash and ittar roll-ons for headache, stress relief and fragrance. And we also bought a pair of metal and wood wind chimes from Aakriti. 

So here’s my haul of 12 products, all for INR 2,000
Cinnamon soap from Sri Aurobindo Ashra, milk Dream soap by Bihra, itokri.com
  • Bihra Handmade Natural Milk Dream Soap
  • Cinnamon – Sri Aurobindo Ashram Devotion Soap 
Neev body and face wash

  • Natural Handmade Aloe Lavender Body Wash
  • Natural Handmade Rose Olive Body Wash
  • Natural Handmade Kumkumadi Face Wash
  • Metal and wooden windchime from itokri.com

    Aakriti Art Creations Wooden & Metal Wind Chimes for Home & Decorations  

    Neev Jojoba and Almond oil
    • Natural Handmade Almond Oil
    •  Natural Handmade Jojoba Oil
    Neev Roll-on deodrants
    • Natural Handmade Herbal Roll-on Deo Stress Relief
    • Natural Handmade Attar Roll-on – Jasmine
    • Natural Handmade Aromatherapy Roll-on for Headache Relief

    As iTokri stands for all things eco-friendly, the products come in a cardboard box and the outer cover is a newspaper. Delivery is within 7 days and order confirmation is immediate. Do check your email once the order is placed. All in all, these are good quality products for daily use and make for some great gifts.

    7 thoughts on “A haul of handcrafted Indian products from iTokri.com  

    1. wow handcrafted products. Lately, many brands have given good platforms to the artisans for showcasing their talent and also earning a livelihood. I will recommend iTokari to my sister and mom.


    2. Itokri is a store which I will recommend to all as I am one of their fan. So much variety and that too from different parts of the nation. When I plan to gift my closed one some desi product as gift… Itokri is my favorite destination to shop

      Liked by 1 person

    3. I had visited their website before and loved the amazing collection of various handcrafted items. from you list, I liked Aakriti Art Creations Wooden & Metal Wind Chimes for Home & Decorations a lot. they are looking super cute.


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