5 Reasons How Public Speaking Can Aid Your Success

Image Consultant Suman Agarwal shares the importance of learning the art of public speaking in a professional landscape

When you hear the words ‘public speaking’, what comes to your mind? Probably someone standing on a stage with a mic in front of them and a huge room filled with hundreds of people. Sure, that is public speaking.

But so is speaking in front of a handful of colleagues in your cabin or a conference room. As a professional, you should be able to articulate your thoughts and speak confidently to an audience of varying sizes. You need to develop public speaking skills to succeed in your career.

5 Benefits of Public Speaking for Success

1. Advances Career

You probably make pitches, present ideas, or deliver presentations to your clients or superiors every other day. You may also get opportunities to speak at events or conferences. In all these cases, you have a few minutes to make an impact, and possessing excellent public speaking skills will help. As a confident speaker, you will create a positive impression and close deals or meetings successfully. Also, people will remember you and view you as an expert in your field.

More business opportunities will open up to you and help you further in your career.

2. Empowers You to Motivate People

As a public speaker, you must connect with your audience and inspire them. An assertive public speaker can influence and motivate his listeners. Motivating people is important in any professional space.

However, public speaking becomes essential if you are planning to pursue a career as a soft skills trainer or corporate. When you are imparting soft skills training, you need to be able to excite and enthuse your audience. If you are convincing and confident, people will get motivated and pick up your training. This will compel more people to sign up for your training sessions, thus making you successful.

3. Helps in Persuading People

Imagine being a businessman approaching an investor, a marketer convincing customers to buy your product, or a CEO requesting his employees put in extra hours during a crisis. In all these scenarios, success lies in how well they can persuade their audience.

No matter which role you fill in a professional capacity, you must hone the skill of persuasion. This starts by developing effective public speaking skills. You must have the confidence to address an audience in a calm and collected manner and persuade them rather than forcing them. If you cannot convince others, the best of your ideas will never see the light of day.

4. Improves Communication and Critical Thinking

Writing a speech or presentation requires you to put in careful thought to communicate your message to the audience. You need to spend time developing a good structure, using the right words, and coherently present your ideas.

Besides speaking with confidence, you also need to be prepared to listen to the opposing views and respond calmly to get your point across. This can be achieved by thinking critically and working on communication skills. You need to understand how you can connect with your audience and eventually motivate or persuade them. Public speaking is an excellent way to improve critical thinking and communication skills that can be applied in everyday work life.

5.  Building A Professional Network

Networking is an important part of succeeding in your career. One of the best places to network is public speaking events. If you get an opportunity to speak at these events, people will approach you after the speech and engage with you. That’s a great way to widen your social circle professionally. However, even as an attendee, public speaking skills will allow you confidently mingle with the audience and build social connections.

So, invest time and improve public speaking skills so that you hold conversations confidently with anyone, anywhere, and expand your professional network.

Speaking Towards Success

Identify successful people from any industry, either famous or within your personal or social circle. Pretty sure you will find that they are all good speakers. Well, it’s not a coincidence that good speakers are successful and vice versa. Developing confidence in public speaking will take you a long way. So, invest in honing it.

Suman Agarwal is an award-winning image management professional. She has helped students, home-makers, women on sabbatical as well as people seeking second career alternatives to explore Image Management and Soft Skill Training as a vibrant professional choice. She frequently writes blog posts about the urgent need of image consulting professionals and soft skill trainers in the 21st century and loves guiding people in exploring lucrative career options. Write to her at sumanagarwal@imageconsultinginstitute.com to seek advanced career guidance.

(This is a guest post by a professional. If you like it, please do leave your feedback in the comments section.)

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