#saveTourism rally in Delhi on Wrold Tourism Day

“Tourism needs immediate government intervention” –Shiv Raj Singh

While most shared memories of their trips on World Tourism Day (September 27), the people who are the backbone of the industry held a peaceful car rally in Delhi to #SaveTourism. The impact of COVID-19 has been felt deeply and most in this industry as travel is at a standstill. Around 300 tour operators and agents participated in this rally. An industry veteran, Shiv Raj … Continue reading “Tourism needs immediate government intervention” –Shiv Raj Singh

London_Confidential_film_Poster stremaing on ZEE5

London Confidential on ZEE5—A Review

The pandemic has certainly churned out a lot of creativity. From cooking videos to online skilling, it has kept all of us busy on digital platforms. And with this background comes a script that focuses on controlling the spread of another virus. The Plot London Confidential is a short spy thriller that sizzles with intrigue and murders. This is another ZEE5 original. The story is … Continue reading London Confidential on ZEE5—A Review

A Garland of Memories by Ruskin Bond

12 Books That You Can Carry To An Island

Some famous, some new, some old, some romantic and some just for the heck of it, a list of books that you could read wherever you are 1. A Garland of Memories by Ruskin Bond This is treasured signed copy that I had picked at the Valley of Words Dehradun Literature Festival three years back. A treasure trove of simple incidents, beautifully written, this is … Continue reading 12 Books That You Can Carry To An Island

4 Personal Hygiene Products To Carry During Covid 19 Travels

The pandemic has woken us up to our vulnerability. Here are some things that you can keep in your car or bag that will help you stay well 1. MasksWe all know masks form the crucial first layer of protection in the fight against COVID-19. There are different kinds of masks in the market, from disposable to surgical ones. While surgical masks and N95 respirators … Continue reading 4 Personal Hygiene Products To Carry During Covid 19 Travels

Numero Uno tattoos on jeans

Numero Uno, India’s own jean manufacturer, has eco-friendly practices at its unit in Gurugram

Circa 2014: Whiskers, moustaches, crinkles… we thought these belonged to men alone, but a walk in the clean, green premises of Numero Uno’s Gurgaon manufacturing unit revealed how denim also gets these! Numero Uno is the first brand to introduce a tattoo on denims. Besides, the manufacturing unit has put sustainable practices in place to minimize wastage. Words & Photographs: Ambica Gulati Dressed in a … Continue reading Numero Uno, India’s own jean manufacturer, has eco-friendly practices at its unit in Gurugram

Shahnaz Husain products

15 Herbal Home-Grown Beauty Brands

Blending formulas handed down by the ancients for a beautiful you, these companies are on the path to heal with Nature Some things are a must carry in your beauty kit. As chemicals are out of my beauty bag, here are some of the herbal brands that I have tried over the years. With the promise of chemical-free products, they believe in helping us retain … Continue reading 15 Herbal Home-Grown Beauty Brands

Actor Rahul Dev at his gym Breathe in Park Plaza Faridabad

Fitness Tips by Actor Rahul Dev

The human body is our tangible presence and we must respect it Is it your profession that makes you a fitness freak or you just like being healthy?Even before I began to model, I was running in parks to exercise. I belonged to a middle class family and did not have the financial strength to workout in expensive places. During my school days, sometimes I … Continue reading Fitness Tips by Actor Rahul Dev

Vandana Luthra , founder VLCC, with Bollywood actor Jaya Prada

Wellness Centres in Delhi

Three centres which offer lifestyle management services 1. VLCC Credited with catering to the whims and fancies of the famous and the common, Vandana Luthra’s VLCC has been a preferred choice for most women over the decades. It is a lifestyle and wellness centre which personalised solutions to suit the needs and lifestyle of the clients. VLCC offer services across 11 countries in Asia and … Continue reading Wellness Centres in Delhi

facial-treatments by https://www.ratemds.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/facial-treatments.jpg?__cf_chl_captcha_tk__=aaf9a129e20695a2b08570c9f86918c58e81d40e-1598955093-0-AYi81cPvLiggqBzk-z4PJYrcbOOYlTkhLcxLCkuXedkmbtEPRqjE7cmoj_SvTnuoVe2Sq6kYWjSZgBIQ1VcLDDCCGmTP-KEgletv6QP5uos7eHlGayFSfuFDkxRCCgTVk_Q2kAfFhbYjkcjgrZrD9_b9xAU90wbwhpZid5DtvTWQEjRSgegNIpTH-1asMoCjPoI4qiR9-ZLs0QxQgrnDncE3kdE8mSpPvmn5vlvQHxJ3K1kp5ufVxciFZLdrczGk1rAiktC4Sc1w5detW3W9mxPXw988FQw8-CtSezW2Faai6cKp3fhgTv7ES6Ll-zDm0L3ajqok9Mp712SH1Br68MV5sH0Cm713V__nHBdM2a162N3PCXpL-KKA1CWi1witBk6mhQFevoSilRKL6qelzZ2KLoYXT1LelxIJH5Xa7WdKZrVGn8xEzeB2uJm5gTKb_o1jxEYKTKmEFxQoA8qL0E4daTE_YD9SDzfHHbYV2GyriZGzq3U-KZlveDG4WKJa2EXgG47ys6Gd-pVmLj29H9QjqnmOfMoU51Fn1pkUoHV4JYspl8PCHcVn4-ejc9ryxF5XG6T1zkPXJgsm9YPBaWt6nyiwkONx6fD1L2pFGm_xXxHa5lKQLJqnkjwjny5kVw

Goodbye, Wrinkles!

Here are four cosmetologists, dermatologists and clinics in Delhi where lie antidotes to ageing and sagging skin. And you also get some skincare tips 1. Hydra Facial at Aayna The facial is a 30-minute odd session but its results are tremendous. It makes your skin supple, shine. The process includes five steps: 1. Cleansing and Exfoliation – Dead cells are gently removed to uncover smoother … Continue reading Goodbye, Wrinkles!

final look after using mythic oil

3 Hair Care Treatments That We Tried In Delhi

While trotting around the globe, hair needs special care. Here are some ways of preventing damage to your hair Adding Smartbond by L’Oréal  to Your Hair Color Color companies keep bringing out an exciting range that adds a glam quotient to your hair. While hair color does help cover grey hair or give a different look to the face, it’s equally important to keep it … Continue reading 3 Hair Care Treatments That We Tried In Delhi

Flowers, roses and champa

8 essential oils that heal with their aromas

Integrate the healing power of nature in your daily life with pure and organic beauty potions called essential oils In flowers, herbs and plants are powers to heal. And this is why ancient civilizations relied heavily on these natural resources in many forms. A peak into the history of aromatherapy takes us back—6,000 years back. The Egyptians used plant and herb oil extracts for mummification. … Continue reading 8 essential oils that heal with their aromas