Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

10 Things You Can’t Miss In Singapore

Singapore is all about food, culture and fun, and gallons of it. Even if you spend several weeks in Singapore, you’ll find that there’s still more to enjoy in this vibrant, bustling city. NEHA SINGH shares the 10 attractions that you can’t miss: St John’s Island Get on a bum boat and head straight to St John’s Island from Marina South Pier. St John’s Island … Continue reading 10 Things You Can’t Miss In Singapore

Shop at Likay in Bangkok

Home-made colours and batik prints at Likay, Bangkok

When a few hours to spare took me to a shop where the world was all bright dresses for women Words & Photographs: Aparna Gulati On the return from Pattaya to Delhi, we had lots of time on our hands. While waiting at the airport was an option, roaming around seemed a better idea. So I went around exploring the market in Bangkok, which is … Continue reading Home-made colours and batik prints at Likay, Bangkok


Five women and San Francisco

When childhood friends decide to find their secret place to party in, the adventure begins “Why don’t all of you come to San Francisco?” Reena keeps asking all of us, meaning five school friends, on our What’s App alumni group. “2020,” that’s been our answer. That looks like far too away, but there’s no harm in setting wish list goals. So San Francisco it has … Continue reading Five women and San Francisco

Israel on my bucket list

When friends recommend and curiosity compels me to look up this much-talked about country A friend had been on a business tour with the convention bureau of Israel and Jerusalem popped up many times during the course of this conversation. I was curious, not just because Jerusalem is the birthplace of Christianity but because the antiquity is still preserved, despite the news of turmoil that … Continue reading Israel on my bucket list

flowers and Colours of Jordan

10 reasons I want to visit Jordan the 3rd time

Some lands fascinate with their culture, some with their geography and but some bring out the need to explore and to feel the pulse of that land. I have been there two times. But now I want to go and live like a native for a few days. Words and photographs: Ambica Gulati Live with the Bedouins in Wadi Rum and enjoy the Arabic cuppa … Continue reading 10 reasons I want to visit Jordan the 3rd time

Wonderland called Petra, Jordan

Cited among the most amazing places on earth, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra is an archaeologist’s delight and explorer’s love. Words & photographs: Ambica Gulati Some call it the rose city, others an erstwhile traders market, yet others know it as a place where rest the souls of many Nabateans, Petra has awed and floored generations since its discovery in 1812 by Swiss … Continue reading Wonderland called Petra, Jordan

church in Madaba

The Biblical Trail, Jordan

The Hashemite Kingdom is dotted with churches for the country was part of the Holy Land, as tales from the Bible live on in Bethany, Madaba and Mount Nebo Words, photographs: Ambica Gulati It was surprising to know that Jordan has been home to some of the oldest Christian communities. Since early 1st century AD, after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Christians have been residing … Continue reading The Biblical Trail, Jordan

Holy water in Jordan, bethany-4

Soak in the healing waters of Jordan

Much has been said about the scorching sun and the red desert of Jordan but then even a desert has an oasis. And it is here that all comes to life, as we experienced at Aqaba, Dead Sea and Ma’in Hot Springs Words, photographs : Ambica Gulati The elixir of life, the one thing that has been sustaining the universe, water is what attracts civilizations. … Continue reading Soak in the healing waters of Jordan

Bedouins of Wadi rum. Jordan

In the red sands of Wadi Rum, Jordan

Not much can be said about the red hills, the sun shining on our heads, walk through the red sands but a lot can be experienced at this Valley of Moon Words, photographs and video: Ambica Gulati The sun over our heads but nothing could beat us out of visiting the famed Valley of the Moon or Wadi Rum which is a protected area since … Continue reading In the red sands of Wadi Rum, Jordan

jordan flag

Amidst the ruins of Jerash, Jordan

Called the Pompeii of the East or the city of 1000 columns, Jerash is located in the northern part of Jordan, about 48 km from the capital Amman towards Syria and here comes alive the Greco Roman era. Alexander the Great lay the roots for this city, evidence shows Words & photographs: Ambica Gulati The soil of the little country of Jordan is replete with … Continue reading Amidst the ruins of Jerash, Jordan

Menu of the day at Sufra, Amman

Roaming around in Amman, Jordan

The colours of the capital caught while exploring the streets in the downtown area, seeing the royal cars and enjoying eating out at Rainbow Street. Words, pictures : Ambica Gulati Given that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a monarchy, it very much functions like a democratic country. You can shop on trinkets such as evil eye, carry home bracelets worn by the bedouin or … Continue reading Roaming around in Amman, Jordan

temple of hercules, amman citadel

Walk through the citadel in Amman, Jordan

Sometimes history repeats itself to teach you some new lessons, as I learned in the trip to Jordan Words and pictures: Ambica Gulati As I stepped into the city of Amman, I was once again reliving my memories of 2009. A country which lives by the principle of peace, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is surrounded by strife-ridden Syria, Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. … Continue reading Walk through the citadel in Amman, Jordan