Actor Rahul Dev at his gym Breathe in Park Plaza Faridabad

Fitness Tips by Actor Rahul Dev

The human body is our tangible presence and we must respect it Is it your profession that makes you a fitness freak or you just like being healthy?Even before I began to model, I was running in parks to exercise. I belonged to a middle class family and did not have the financial strength to workout in expensive places. During my school days, sometimes I … Continue reading Fitness Tips by Actor Rahul Dev

Moskito Safe Scare Away Patches

5 Reasons To Carry A Mosquito Repellent On Your Travels

Avoid mosquito menace and enjoy your trips “If there was the last mosquito left on Earth, it would bite me before dying,” I always tell my friends whenever we go out. While I may not like mosquitoes, they do like me for some unknown reason! Scratch, hit and fly hands in the air, that’s what my most outdoor trips were initially like, until I began … Continue reading 5 Reasons To Carry A Mosquito Repellent On Your Travels

Zynk Fitness, Gurugram, India

Zynk Your Way To Fitness

Lagging in stamina or tired after your travels, Electro Muscle Stimulation is helpful, as we checked out at Gurugram’s Zynk. Weight loss, muscle strength, boosting performance, EMS or Electro Muscle Stimulation can help, say Nitish Jha and the trainer Inder. EMS is a method that amplifies the natural process of muscle contraction. Once the muscle is stimulated, it adds more strength and the body works … Continue reading Zynk Your Way To Fitness

Ensure for a healthy me!

My New Year resolution #EnsureAStronger2018

Travel does have its ups and downs, especially when you are growing older. I always want to explore more, but often weakness and fatigue slow me down. Sometimes I get cramps. At other times, I experience joint pain. While my body might be giving up, the mind does not and therefore working out and staying strong becomes important. As an active traveler I also have … Continue reading My New Year resolution #EnsureAStronger2018