Gourmet Getaway, Sundowner, Nand Mahal Fort, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Putting Jaipur On The Foodie Map

Forts, palaces, jewellery, the pink city is among India’s most popular destinations. And adding some zing with food is Dushyant Singh, a young restaurateur and founder of Gourmet Getaway festival Words & photographs: Ambica Gulati Rustic is a cosy, smart, casual eating place, offering many Indian delights and some innovative platters. The large coffee menu is impressive. With Jaipur being a hub for foreign and … Continue reading Putting Jaipur On The Foodie Map

With Class: 9 Rules of Wine Drinking Etiquette to Keep in Kind

People often feel intimidated when they are invited to a wine tasting. There is no need to be. Simply brush up on the etiquette for events such as this and enjoy the afternoon or evening. A wine tasting is a great way to try new beverages, meet new people, and have some fun. The following are some things to remember when taking part in an … Continue reading With Class: 9 Rules of Wine Drinking Etiquette to Keep in Kind

Kerosene lamps under which Norah Richards wrote, Andretta, Himachal Pradesh, India

Artistic Andretta

Where the arts flourished, the village of Andretta in Kangra is the place to become one with Nature. Words & photographs: Ambica Gulati A signboard says ‘theatre’. The mud structure has no seats, no huge hall, no café, no ticket counter, no sound and light systems. Surrounded by a garden, this theatre is in the estate where theatre artiste Norah Richards lived. On another side is … Continue reading Artistic Andretta

Photo: Kinga Cichewicz; unsplash.com

5 Inspiring Travel Trends 2019

The travel industry rarely stands still. New trends, new types of travellers and new destinations mean the demands on travel companies and tourism boards are constantly changing. Millennials and Generation Z have pushed the boundaries of what we expect from travel. The majority of the $8.27 trillion spent on the travel and tourism industry last year was spent online; 48% of smartphone users in the … Continue reading 5 Inspiring Travel Trends 2019

Drupe Almond Milk in three variants--Cinnamon, Golden Power, Extra Dates

Healthy Journeys With Drupe Almond Milk

Founder & COO Meeta A. Madhok reveals how being lactose intolerant led to starting a vegan almond milk plant in an email chat. Health is wealth, we have all heard this. And being on the road is no easy task. While every traveller does have his or her own ways of remaining healthy, I like to keep some good stuff in my bag. And then … Continue reading Healthy Journeys With Drupe Almond Milk

Golf, Pixabay

Boosting Golf Tourism, Aiming For INR 100 Crore In 5 Years

Giving a push to the golfing industry, the 8th edition of Indian Golf and Turf Expo (IGE) 2019 will be held from April 26-27, 2019 at Thyagraj stadium, Delhi. With over 50 domestic and international exhibitors, there will conferences by eminent speakers, golf simulators to hone golf skills, putting and snag golf competitions and more. Deepali Shah Gandhi, President, Golf Industry Association (GIA), promoters of … Continue reading Boosting Golf Tourism, Aiming For INR 100 Crore In 5 Years

Snowland Rovaniemi, Finland

Finland promises a whole new experience

The country is going to lead the path to happiness with local guides under the ‘Rent A Finn’ experience. Cited as the happiest nation in the world in the UN World Happiness Report 2018, Finland is home to just 5.5mn people (which is 1/4th the population of Delhi). While there are many reasons to be happy in this country, Nina Vaskunlahti, Ambassador of Finland to … Continue reading Finland promises a whole new experience