With Class: 9 Rules of Wine Drinking Etiquette to Keep in Kind

People often feel intimidated when they are invited to a wine tasting. There is no need to be. Simply brush up on the etiquette for events such as this and enjoy the afternoon or evening. A wine tasting is a great way to try new beverages, meet new people, and have some fun. The following are some things to remember when taking part in an … Continue reading With Class: 9 Rules of Wine Drinking Etiquette to Keep in Kind

Truebasics Multivit for women, #healthonthego

Healthy Trips with Truebasics

Travel is fun but constant travel also requires energy. And energy comes from good food, good care and good sleep. So, on the move, I make sure that I eat less and eat right. I like healthy and lightly cooked food rather than heavy snacks or chemical laden beverages. Along with this, I ensure that I take my daily dose of multivitamins. This keeps me … Continue reading Healthy Trips with Truebasics

Drupe Almond Milk in three variants--Cinnamon, Golden Power, Extra Dates

Healthy Journeys With Drupe Almond Milk

Founder & COO Meeta A. Madhok reveals how being lactose intolerant led to starting a vegan almond milk plant in an email chat. Health is wealth, we have all heard this. And being on the road is no easy task. While every traveller does have his or her own ways of remaining healthy, I like to keep some good stuff in my bag. And then … Continue reading Healthy Journeys With Drupe Almond Milk

Bright Face, Happy Feet

Different weather, different seasons and different reasons—the open air does leave its mark, more so if you travel a lot. And then we came to know about Victoria’s Clinic by Aadya. Located in Delhi’s plush GKI market, this clinic offers various beauty treatments. Our concerns were pigmentation, dark circles, acne marks and fine lines. The clinic has Alma Q machines and has therapists with over … Continue reading Bright Face, Happy Feet

#BreatheLife, Hello MyOxy

Global warming, high pollution levels and lots of travel… everything seems to be taking a toll on health. But with the MyOxy first aid care, help is at hand. Climbing high or simply going through crowded areas with less air can have an effect on the health. We experience breathlessness and fatigue, showing the lack of oxygen supply. MyOxy is handy here. This first aid … Continue reading #BreatheLife, Hello MyOxy

Kalash @T1, Delhi airport, Diwali celebration installation

Bedazzled By Diwali Lights At Delhi’s Swanky Airport

With each passing year, Diwali celebrations ring in more joy and more light. And the passengers enjoy the festival of lights at the modern airport too. Mesmerizing forms and artistic installations add a lot of cheer to the glass and concrete building. Slow down to see the highway arch. The dazzling geometric lights with diyas are a blend of the modern and the traditional lights. … Continue reading Bedazzled By Diwali Lights At Delhi’s Swanky Airport

Why Detox Organics Works For Me

Living and travelling around in heat, dust and extreme weather conditions does take its toll. That’s when healthy drinks help. For someone, who has a fast-paced lifestyle, food habits count a lot. While eating out and travelling is a lot of fun, there are pros and cons. I enjoy my work, meeting new people, exploring new terrains and finding different dishes to eat. So the … Continue reading Why Detox Organics Works For Me