Truebasics Multivit for women, #healthonthego

Healthy Trips with Truebasics

Travel is fun but constant travel also requires energy. And energy comes from good food, good care and good sleep. So, on the move, I make sure that I eat less and eat right. I like healthy and lightly cooked food rather than heavy snacks or chemical laden beverages. Along with this, I ensure that I take my daily dose of multivitamins. This keeps me … Continue reading Healthy Trips with Truebasics

Drupe Almond Milk in three variants--Cinnamon, Golden Power, Extra Dates

Healthy Journeys With Drupe Almond Milk

Founder & COO Meeta A. Madhok reveals how being lactose intolerant led to starting a vegan almond milk plant in an email chat. Health is wealth, we have all heard this. And being on the road is no easy task. While every traveller does have his or her own ways of remaining healthy, I like to keep some good stuff in my bag. And then … Continue reading Healthy Journeys With Drupe Almond Milk

#BreatheLife, Hello MyOxy

Global warming, high pollution levels and lots of travel… everything seems to be taking a toll on health. But with the MyOxy first aid care, help is at hand. Climbing high or simply going through crowded areas with less air can have an effect on the health. We experience breathlessness and fatigue, showing the lack of oxygen supply. MyOxy is handy here. This first aid … Continue reading #BreatheLife, Hello MyOxy

Lexicon Art Gallery, Delhi, India

Power People: Ramola Bachchan On Entrepreneurship

Exhibitions are a good way to know a country and carry back some souvenirs. With the festive season picking pace pan-India, entrepreneur Ramola Bachchan curated the 5th edition of home decor and lifestyle exhibition, HouseFull.  In a candid chat, she reveals why she keeps organising exhibitions: You have become synonymous with some luxury properties such as Runaway Project and HouseFull. What got you into organising exhibitions? … Continue reading Power People: Ramola Bachchan On Entrepreneurship

Camel cart ride, Pushkar, Rajasthan, India

Prayers Amid Camels & Roses

The little town of Pushkar, with its annual camel fair and the only Brahma temple in the world, is laced with folklore and mythology BY AMBICA GULATI ON OCTOBER 11, 2018 Sand dunes stretch into the infinite sky as the sun lowers into the Aravalli ranges. The camel cart sways through the narrow alleys. The decked up camel, colourful cart with its little tinkling bells, … Continue reading Prayers Amid Camels & Roses


5 Ways Paytm App Makes Your Travel Easy

The answer to every problem is a smartphone! So when you are on the move and want things to be done in a jiffy, a good app can sort out all the issues. Paytm offers multiple cashback offers and facilitates money transfers. So when you are travelling, you don’t need to carry cash with you all the time and there is a solution for practically … Continue reading 5 Ways Paytm App Makes Your Travel Easy

Multifunctional backpack,

Travel Bag From

How important is a suitcase in the life of a traveller? What a redundant question—it’s the life of a traveller. And when this suitcase becomes a light, easy backpack in which you can stuff everything needed for a weekend, or even three days, then your trip is kind of sorted. You don’t need to worry about the heaviness, lugging huge suitcases or extra baggage and … Continue reading Travel Bag From