Morning at birthplace of Radha in Barsana, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India

Experience The Magic Of Braj At Nidhivan Sarovar Portico In Vrindavan

Live music, sattvic cuisine, massages, and facials, that’s what a stay at this cosy and colourful hotel in Vrindavan has to offer. While the 68-room hotel is located quite close to the city’s main temples, it is still a haven for the area is not crowded. There’s gym, light, fresh food, strong Wi-Fi, and live music on the weekends during dinner. There’s also a shop … Continue reading Experience The Magic Of Braj At Nidhivan Sarovar Portico In Vrindavan

Bikers on the jhula, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Soul Searching In Rishikesh  

Among the more famous pilgrim towns in India, it is also known as the yoga capital of the world. Every March, it comes alive with sessions and workshops by eminent yoga practitioners and other healers. Words: Ambica Gulati My tryst with Rishikesh started in 1999. It was my first visit to an ashram. I had started to work with a magazine called Life Positive and I … Continue reading Soul Searching In Rishikesh  

Tribal couple, Gada Kalewa, Mahunt Ghasidas Museum, Raipur, India

Chhattisgarh Beyond Bastar

Dotted with water bodies and swamped in greenery, the 18-year-old state hosted the annual classical dance and music extravaganza—Chakradhar Samaroh—in the little town of Raigarh. The virgin green trails and slow pace added to the charm. Words & photographs: Ambica Gulati Ducks waddled, white lotus swayed in the pond, children did some muscle movement on the swings, women bathed and prayers rang in the air—the … Continue reading Chhattisgarh Beyond Bastar

Walkway, Vaishno Devi, Picture courtesy: Shrine Board official website

Taxi To Vaishno Devi

While there are overnight trains to the famous devi temple, we decided to drive from Delhi to Vaishno Devi. And so began the adventure. It was a long weekend. And our plan was to ease off. But who wants to ease off in the old style—we decided to ease off with a visit which would please the body, mind and spirit. A soulful journey is … Continue reading Taxi To Vaishno Devi

Sweetness of faith at Haridwar

Where rests the soul, where records of families are found and where the sweetest malpuas are eaten after the yummiest aloo-poori Words: Ambica Gulati The door of Hari opens for all here. It is after all one of the seven sacred cities for the Hindus. It is also one of the four cities where the drops of amrit fell while Garuda was flying with the … Continue reading Sweetness of faith at Haridwar