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5 Inspiring Travel Trends 2019

The travel industry rarely stands still. New trends, new types of travellers and new destinations mean the demands on travel companies and tourism boards are constantly changing. Millennials and Generation Z have pushed the boundaries of what we expect from travel. The majority of the $8.27 trillion spent on the travel and tourism industry last year was spent online; 48% of smartphone users in the … Continue reading 5 Inspiring Travel Trends 2019


5 Ways Paytm App Makes Your Travel Easy

The answer to every problem is a smartphone! So when you are on the move and want things to be done in a jiffy, a good app can sort out all the issues. Paytm offers multiple cashback offers and facilitates money transfers. So when you are travelling, you don’t need to carry cash with you all the time and there is a solution for practically … Continue reading 5 Ways Paytm App Makes Your Travel Easy

Taj Hotel, Gateway of India, Mumbai

Glitzy, cheery Mumbai

A dreamland for some, financial capital for others and a destination to enjoy some personal space for tourists like me. It was past 11pm and I was enjoying the lights on Marine Drive. It was something I could never do in Delhi or even Chandigarh. Mumbai was well, Mumbai…a land of dreams and no-stare locals, where life moved at its own pace. The traffic was passing by. An odd horse carriage … Continue reading Glitzy, cheery Mumbai