Kalash @T1, Delhi airport, Diwali celebration installation

Bedazzled By Diwali Lights At Delhi’s Swanky Airport

With each passing year, Diwali celebrations ring in more joy and more light. And the passengers enjoy the festival of lights at the modern airport too. Mesmerizing forms and artistic installations add a lot of cheer to the glass and concrete building. Slow down to see the highway arch. The dazzling geometric lights with diyas are a blend of the modern and the traditional lights. … Continue reading Bedazzled By Diwali Lights At Delhi’s Swanky Airport

The Thailand Holiday

Don’t forget your travel insurance, a little precaution helps when travelling abroad. A smile on my face, clothes scattered on the bed, I kept wondering what all I was going to do in Thailand. Well, there is more to the land than massages and shopping and that’s what my mind was on. My plan was to visit Bangkok and Pattaya. While everyone kept telling me … Continue reading The Thailand Holiday