Head to Naad Wellness Centre for a holistic rejuvenation

Three nights, healthy diet, and lots of massages, that’s ‘Naad Experience’ for you. And what you bring back – a decidedly lighter, brighter new you! Add discipline to this too. Naad Wellness comes as a surprise. Unlike most wellness centres with wooden huts and dark interiors, this one looks more like a five-star hotel. A green entrance, green and wooden interiors, the place is another world contained within 39 rooms with therapists and two good doctors. Privacy and discipline are perhaps the two discerning points at this centre. While it does seem a little odd when the white kurta-pyjama and … Continue reading Head to Naad Wellness Centre for a holistic rejuvenation

Guide to wellness: AyurUniverse

The buzzword is collective and AyurUniverse has brought many practitioners in the healing space on one portal. Tête-à-tête with the founder and CEO Vijaykumar Karai Words: Ambica Gulati Armed with an experience of over 20 years in sales, marketing and operations, Vijaykumar Karai established AyurUniverse along with Venkat Rao who is the head of technology. What inspired you to bring together so many wellness players on a single platform? Prior to starting AyurUniverse, I was co-investor of an ayurvedic spa in Mysore, where I realised the potential for an online wellness portal. India is home to over 4,000+ wellness centers, … Continue reading Guide to wellness: AyurUniverse